Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Boruc is saving AFCB time after time

Artur must be having the time of his life at the moment. He already has a cupboard full of videos this season of his greatest saves and he looks a complete and more confident keeper. That should be a big help to the back four in knowing that Artur is still likely to save a chance if the opposition get past them. To do this a couple of times is great but Artur has been outstanding as he has pulled a couple of match-winning saves out in just about every game so far.
There's no hint of a look in for Federici at the moment.
If good goalkeepers can save you 10 points a season, then Artur Boruc is already well on his way to that. He has started this season like no other in my view and if you think he is about to fall of that high pedestal I don't reckon you've been watching Artur closely enough. The movement he made to get across his box to keep out Lukaku's early header in the Everton game was already magnificent, but he is also surprising people in how he is able to back pedal and keep out deep crosses that seem destined for the top corner. In short, I think his attention to the game is a lot stronger this season. He is always alert to having to make a save and that quick thinking has been making the difference for him.

Since the penalty save at Crystal Palace though, Artur has been at a level that is probably as good as any Premier League keeper. It is something that AFCB have not had the luxury of having before and it is excellent faith that Eddie Howe has shown in Artur to keep him as the club's number one. It would have been unsettling to the team to keep changing and bring in Federici for a few games so I'm pleased for the team and Artur that he is making it hard for teams to score.

Did anyone expect Artur to have such a good start to the season? I doubt it. Perhaps Artur himself, but his value to the team is very high stock at the moment. 

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