Friday, 23 September 2016

AFCB need a spark - could it come against Everton?

Last season it was the Everton home game that proved the catalyst to a series of strong results that got AFCB's season going. It is tempting to hope that the same fixture could do the same this time around, but there is not much optimism at the moment for the Cherries' form which has nose-dived and is in need of some serious renovation if they are to head towards mid-table rather than relegation.
Who can provide the spark against Everton?
Of course the players should not need a shock to get them up and running, but their form has been inconsistent at best and it is no surprise that they have seen little return for their efforts so far. What they need is a goal that lifts the team and a result that is not expected. This next match against Everton is a great opportunity. Nobody expect the Cherries to get anything out of the game as they are conceding goals while Everton are scoring for fun. So what would a good win against Everton do? It would quickly get people reassessing what the Cherries are capable of this season and it would relieve a lot of pressure going into the match against Watford.

The players also need to know that the fans are still with them though. There have been many harsh words said to the players from the management I'm sure but it is important that the fans don't get on the players backs. They know they have not performed well enough and it will be disappointing to them. 

The spark might also need to come from an unlikely source. That would probably need Eddie to change his starting line up a bit by giving some one a chance who has not featured regularly. Every player's shirt should be up for grabs now and nobody should be undroppable, including the captain or the keeper. That kind of atmosphere usually brings the hard workers to the front of the queue and I'm betting Harry Arter will be the payer to watch this weekend - he's the player that can drive this team to a much needed win.

AFCB need to show that they are in the Premier League and want to stay there. That should start now and if it there is no reaction, AFCB will soon find themselves rooted in the bottom three.

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