Monday, 19 September 2016

Free kicks - jump or don't jump?

The first goal that Man City scored was one that my PE teacher would probably have been at our throats for, if we had similarly jumped in the wall when facing a free kick so close to our own goal. Admittedly, my school team would have been a lot shorter in height and the teams we played did not have world-class players who could tuck the ball in the top corner, but I do wonder what is the point of having a wall if you are going to jump anyway?
Boruc - I don't think he said jump!
There has to be a distance when it is safer for defenders to think about jumping to protect the perfectly hit free kick, but a simple pass into the goal from the free kick takes and an unsighted keeper, who merely can watch the ball trickle into the net, is a sorry way to lose a goal at any time in a match. It was key in this one being the first goal and a mistake that could probably have been learnt on the training ground rather than during a game.

I'm sure there will be some words spoken about when players can jump and when they can't now if they are in the wall, but if a player like De Bruyne is capable of hitting the top corner it is better to make him try and hit that spot than give him an easier option. The whole incident says where is the leadership on the pitch for me for AFCB. Taking responsibility and having a bit of a bully in the back four or the keeper is something that the Cherries perhaps lack. Some times things happen in games where you just need a leader to react and take control and get people doing the right things. If Boruc did shout and scream at his defenders, I would at least feel more confident of the Cherries being a little more alert.

Afterwards it is easy to criticise though and if there I some reaction in the changing rooms after the performance at Man City I would be pleased. Some times things have to be said and there should be a few words said about those players who take up a position in the wall and don't know what would be best to do in such situations.

By the way, who gave the free kick away? Yes, Wilshere and it was needless on the edge of the box. He won't impress me if he keeps doing that this season.

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