Thursday, 22 September 2016

AFCB will have to find a better platform

I was interested to hear that Eddie Howe had looked at the team and picked the first 11 looking to provide a platform for the side to get into the game against Man City. While it did not work, at least AFCB tried to do something new and looked at an adaption to their normal game as they knew they would not have as much of the ball as normal.

The way to get a platform though is not to concede in the first 45 minutes and once the first goal went in there was plenty of discussion to be had as it was such a weak way to lose a goal. It may have come as a surprise for Kevin de Bruyne to be playing down the middle for City, but none of the AFCB players seemed to be able to get near him for most of the match. Sometimes you have to put your hands up and recognise a special talent but City did not look overly extended in getting four goals against AFCB and even when playing a talent like Jack Wilshire in midfield he can't work his magic five yards outside of his own penalty box.
Have AFCB got the balance right in the side yet?
Getting the Cherries playing higher up the field was a real battle all game. Guardiola had obviously made it clear to his players that the Cherries are impressive when they attack and his side were not to sit back at any point. Steve Cook and Charlie Daniels were constantly chased and put under pressure at the back when  trying to get out of defence and even Wilshire couldn't do much to try and beat three players in his own half just to get a pass away to another Bournemouth shirt. It is the movement and being in the right spot at the right time that the very best sides are great at and I hope AFCB get the video out and see what City did to them and look at how they might be able to add some of those things to their own play.

Eddie Howe talked even before the game of how much he liked watching City play, but he won't have liked it on Saturday. It was too easy for City and now that AFCB have played them they have to be more ready for the examination they will get from Everton next Saturday.

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