Monday, 5 September 2016

Is it time for Lys Mousset?

The brief appearance of Lys Mousset in the Warren Cummings' testimonial match against AC Milan only heightened the expectations of what Lys might be able to do if he is selected to make his debut in the Premier League. A blistering goal and his bulldozing style is unlike other striker options at the club, and it is intriguing to wonder what he might do if given the chance.
Lys Mousset just may be pushing himself closer to a start for AFCB.
There is a clear belief at AFCB that new foreign signings need some time to settle to perform at their best, but Lys is already showing that he has the talent and the willingness to wait his turn and perform in an AFCB shirt. While it will take a lot to shift Josh King and Callum Wilson from the starting line up, Eddie Howe must now be considering using the Frenchman instead of Lewis Grabban on the bench and there can't be much more that Lys can do to get that spot.

Mousset's enthusiasm and power are always evident and such a striker would be a great addition in the last 20 minutes of games. This may be option C or D for Howe, but when strikers are in form you pick them and it looks clear that AFCB fans also want to see Lys play as they are warming to him. It would be hard on Grabban, and perhaps Afobe, to see Lys jump ahead of them, but the team needs to win games and Lys has that something extra to do the unpredicatble that can win games. Howe can't keep on ignoring that while AFCB are not winning and the WBA match would represent a good time to introduce Lys.

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