Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Howe has to be clear what he wants with England job vacant again

The departure of Sam Allardyce so soon after taking up the position of England manager has come as a real blow I'm sure to the FA. Allardyce admits he made "a serious error of judgement" and his resignation only 67 days into his reign is a sad day for English football in my mind. The chalice is not one that looks particularly welcoming to those who simply want the national team to win games. Now Eddie Howe is expected to be among the lead candidates to be approached, and yet I can't see much that has changed since the summer - apart from the probability that the FA have even fewer candidates to pick from.
The big job just won't go away.
For Eddie it is rather a crossroads. He only stated last week in a BBC interview with Gary Lineker that he would not turn down the opportunity of taking the post if it was ever offered and after what has happened there is a strong possibility that the FA could well come calling even if it would be easier for the men in suits to go straight back to Steve Bruce, who is now out of a job and with no compensation matters to be sorted. Whether Eddie would consider a part time role under Bruce would be something he might be asked to think about, but the distraction from having a sole focus on AFCB might be asking for trouble.

Whoever takes the job has to consider whether making the England side win with all the media attention around it is something that they really desire. I don't know if Eddie really wants that yet but Jeff Mostyn certainly doesn't want it for Eddie.

The performances of AFCB have not been so great in the last few weeks. The Man City thumping raised questions about the teams ability to defend and Howe's knowledge of the defensive side of the game. Much as I think Howe is one of the best young England managers, is he ready to take the top manager's job in England? E
ven if he asks himself the question, he should say no. But I don't think he has really asked himself that question yet, and while he may have felt along way away from it all last summer, when he was in America, his door has been slightly left ajar by his recent comments about the role. It looks like AFCB fans will have to hold their breath for a few days or at least start shouting about the merits of Steve Bruce, Sean Dyche an Alan Pardew until Eddie Howe either rules himself out or tells the FA that he wants the position.

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