Saturday, 28 January 2017

Can Adam Smith add more to his game?

Watching Adam Smith play against Watford, I saw a right back that has really started to enjoy his work in the final third of the pitch. He has become much better at beating his man and getting crosses over at dangerous angles into the box. What I'm not so sure about is how much more work he needs to put in on the defensive side of his game.

Adam Smith has been great going forward.
I don't think Adam is any more at fault than the other defenders at making the odd positional mistake when defending. He can often get away with some things because he is very quick to react, and likes to get very close to opponents. At times this may be his undoing as well, particularly when making headers if he hasn't got a run on players. But I wonder if he likes attacking more than defending?

In Eddie Howe's teams I imagine every player, apart from Artur Boruc, is told to get forward when there is a space to do so and cover is in place. I like the way Adam slaloms his way up the pitch and is always looking to get past his man as quickly as possible. For Miguel Britos, in the Watford match, it may have been a bit embarrassing to be beaten so easily with a nutmeg, but the intelligence from Smith to do that, and his confidence in pulling it off is very much what gives fans a lift. The whole crowd hooted with laughter, and that became fist-waving joy when Adam managed to deliver a final ball that Josh King could tuck away so comfortably.
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Talk of Adam being in line for an England call up at some point may seem a bit premature, but he is an exciting player to watch and that is starting to be recognised. He probably goes down more than any other player in the AFCB side, and in some ways it is a shame that does not happen in the opposition's penalty box, but more usually around the half way line. What he does do well though is pick up the pace when he receives the ball. His first thought is usually to go forward or to make a forward pass, and that is a pretty good habit to have in my book.

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