Sunday, 15 January 2017

Missed chances and poor defending killed AFCB's prospects at Hull

It was one of those Jekyll and Hyde performances from AFCB up at the Kcom stadium. AFCB began as well as they have in any game this season and to be 0-1 up in those first five minutes, it didn't look like it would be a bad afternoon. Yet, the dark clouds soon arrived and  they mounted as AFCB didn't slot home any of the openings they made after the spot kick.
The Cherries fail to find their form in front of goal.
We can look at several instances when the Cherries might have scored further goals in that first half. There was a superb ball from Jack Wilshere that singled out Benik Afobe. While the defender let the ball bounce, Benik gambled well and managed to get in front of the central defender but the keeper was virtually on top of him and he couldn't get a great connection on his shot.

Another moment that might have hanged the outcome of the game was Harry Arter's first half drive that just evaded the right post and went wide. Harry still hasn't scored this season and he's not really given himself many attempts to score.


Others will look at the late not given penalty call on Marc Pugh. Another day AFCB might have been given the decision, even if it was already in the game by then. But all the missed breaks kind of add to the despondency and the team did not pick up enough in the second half to really put Hull City under pressure. They needed to make Hull City feel about their precarious position in the table and a second goal would have done that, but it never came.

Added to that we have the poor defending. It was especially bad on clearing and blocking crosses. As soon as Hull got width in their game the ball could almost be guaranteed to be crossed in and it caused havoc at times in Bournemouth's defending. With these kind of problems it is no wonder that the Cherries might even consider themselves lucky that Hull only scored three against them.

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