Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Daniels must have an invisibility cloak

If you were watching carefully in the first half yesterday you would have seen Charlie Daniels stand on the far side of the pitch with his airplane landing paddles out, signalling to Junior Stanislas that he was free and on his own on his own beach awaiting the ball. Junior of course looks up and is only to happy to deliver a beautifully weighted cross-field ball to him and the rest was just Charlie showing what a great footballer he has become.

Daniels hasn't got a magic coat but he has a magic touch. He may have sneaked in on the blind side, but Bellerin and Ramsey should and could have been tighter. That Charlie could slip inside and find a finish to beat Cech was Charlie at his best. He may not be a striker but he goes for goal when he sees the possibility and you can't teach a player to drive on, they either have the confidence to do it or will wait for support.
Charlie is up to three in the goal charts.
The goal that Charlie scored was perhaps a bit early on to do AFCB as much good as it might if the side had been racking up the goals late in the second half. That 2-0 scoreline at half time was catchable and yet when it went to 3-0, we would have said it's always good to score early and t have such a lead. The early lead merely gave Arsenal something to chase and the mood of expectation quickly changed when they got one goal back..

Just think for a minute though. Eddie has brought in challengers to rival Charlie's position and he's still there - Ian Harte, Tyrone Mings, Brad Smith - they've all found it too hard to get in front of Charlie Daniels. Far from being invisible, Charlie is what AFCB is all about and we love him for it. UTCIAD!

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  1. So pleased to see Daniels really show what he can do against top opposition.
    A pity that Adam Smith has gone off the boil a bit, but he is also a class player who will bounce back. The right back position may be better for him, with Ake possibly moving to defensive midfield.
    It is now clear that AFCB will in future be built around Ryan Fraser.