Monday, 30 January 2017

Wilshere and Aké raised the bar on AFCB signings

There is not much time left before the window shuts and AFCB seem more active in seeing players possibly going out of the door than getting a few to come in. That may all change in the coming hours ahead, but the signings that AFCB made in getting in Nathan Aké and Jack Wilshere in the last transfer window were sensational, and it has raised the bar of the type of players that AFCB now need to go after.
Will AFCB sign any players this transfer window?
If we are looking at permanent transfer fees for players of this high calibre, then AFCB would be struggling to shell out the millions that Arsenal and Chelsea would require and bringing in equal quality in January is probably out of the question. AFCB have to tighten their belt at some point and if the new stadium is more than a dream, then they will have to start budgeting some funds towards it - rich though Maxim Demin and Peak 6 Investments might be. Another problem is that there just isn't the talent around that can be brought in and immediately hit the ground running. The best bet is to go for players that are already earning their crust in the Premier League and Championship, but getting deals done in this kind of environment is real pressure.


For once, Eddie Howe seems happy to let his tight hold over one or two players slacken and we could see a few departures at least on loan, if not permanent exists from the club. While there is not much worry about some of the fringe players being moved on, there is a distinct lack of buzz about any incoming players and that is a bit of disappointment. Still, as I say, AFCB need to start watching their spending as it has been extremely high.

It is possible that the club is more keen at doing loan deals for a few players and it may be the best way that they can get the quality that they need. As we have seen with Aké and Wilshere, it is possible for loan signings to have a dramatic impact.


  1. I cannot see any players wanting to come to the club when they will not get first team football....Begovic will play as first choice if he comes granted....BUT Ake didn't get a chance until Howe had no option but to play him...the board may well say you bought


    and none of them better start recouping some money

    Apparently we have had an offer for Wilson for 20m..for his three goals in open play...I would snatch their hands off...and the manager be told that he can have no further funds unless new players
    are given a chance in starting eleven and not the odd game in a cup competition...

    Also no players to be bought in who have any connection with manager...

    1. If we sell Wilson it sends a msg to other players that they don't have to try hard. If they fail here they can just move on. The whole Howe mentality is working as a solid unit. Would be a transfer nightmare

  2. Ake could become a top international star - but this experience illustrates the problem with loan deals that contain a recall clause. Now, we are left with a tricky gap to fill.