Monday, 30 January 2017

Is Gosling a player AFCB will allow to move?

While much of the speculation about Callum Wilson this transfer window could have been expected from admirers and rivals in the Premier League, there are not so many teams that might have been said to be following the playing time of Dan Gosling. Still, a month or so after Burnley re-captured Joey Barton, they are now rumoured to be on the trail of ex-Newcastle and Everton star Dan Gosling.
Dan Gosling may be among those searching for more fist team football.
While Dan has been a player that has been a turn to man when the central figures of Andrew Surman and Harry Arter have been injured or suspended, he has been used very much as a cover player for the Cherries. Does he have more ambition than this? I see Dan as an under used player who now has another problem in that Lewis Cook is available for the Cherries. 

Dan is still a great age at 26, and he will be coming into the best period of his playing career in terms of his strength and what he knows about the game now. For the Cherries to sell him would be a shame in my mind as he could certainly be a rising player at the club for a few more seasons yet. But he has made 18 appearances this season and two of those were as a substitute - is that enough for Dan? Could he do better elsewhere?

It must be tempting for Dan to believe he can be a bigger player for a team in the Premier League. He also scores goals and has the work rate that would suit a side like Burnley, so I see this as a real decision for AFCB and Dan to make. Whether Eddie would allow Dan to move now though, with Emrson Hyndman already on loan and one fewer central midfield player on his books puts a major doubt in the spokes of Burnley for this transfer window. I think the Lancashire club has moved to late on this one, but come the summer this could be a harder option for Dan to ignore.

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said his best could be yet to come.Unlikely we will have Jack next season, could be Dans chance to shine.