Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Should Josh King be scoring more often?

AFCB's strikers are finding the goals pretty slow to mount up this season. In all the side has scored 32 goals and three clubs in the league that are positioned higher have scored fewer goals and it's arguable that the top teams have strikers that regularly get on the score sheet, so are AFCB's strikers good enough at this level?
Josh is on the mark again but can he keep the goal scoring going?
Josh King scored his fourth goal of the season last Saturday against Watford. It was a simple enough goal - a tap in from four yards with an open goal in front of him. Such situations don't come along for Josh in every game, and perhaps that is something that the side needs to work on some more, as Josh is competent at competing moves when the ball is passed in low from the wings.

The previous matches where Josh has scored were against Swansea City away (88th minute), Watford away (62nd minute) and Crystal Palace away (11th minute), so we can see that Josh has only now just scored his first goal in a home game this season and early goals in games he rarely gets as he has made 21 appearances, but five of those have been from the subs bench.  I'd also argue that Josh has often been pushed out on the wings rather than occupy one of the main striking roles through the middle and yet he is probably on course to equal or may be break his goal tally of six from last season which was the best of any AFCB player.

Whether any of the Bournemouth strikers can get into double figures this season could be something that the bookies would give you good odds on. The telling stat is that none of the Bournemouth players has hit a hat-trick, to my knowledge, since Callum Wilson did it in his match at West Ham last season. Josh is also a payer that does a lot of running work for the team and is probably a striker who cold learn to be a bit more selfish at times.

The good thing about the last match against Watford though is that two of AFCB's strikers added to their goal count, and that is what they are in the side to do in the main. 


  1. I suspect King is a victim of his own versatility, in that he plays on the wing, midfield - and is expected finish moves in the six yard box. This is a very heavy workload - rather different to Ted McDougall !
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Afobe now went on a goal run, with the increased confidence from the classy late Watford goal.