Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Josh King needs to nudge up his goal count

While I have enjoyed watching the bustling style of Josh King rampaging his way through defences, it may surprise you to know that he has scored three goals and one assist this season which is not a great tally from 18 appearances. Yet, for AFCB, only Callum Wilson has more goals than Josh.

It's not that Josh is light on his shooting stats. He has taken 22 shots this season which is only topped by Callum Wilson and believe it or not Harry Arter. It is the versatility of King though that has probably stopped him from registering more goals. He can play anywhere along the front line and I believe his best position is just behind the main striker, but this season that is almost a position reserved for Jack Wilshere - and with good reason, too.

Does Josh need to play through the middle to register more goals?
Against Arsenal though we could well see Josh play behind the main striker and get the opportunity to run in behind the front man as Jack is not eligible to play. Last season, Josh topped the goal chart with six goals so you can say he is on target to achieve that again this season, but I'd argue that he should be aiming higher and I'm sure Josh would love to get to double figures. That may mean that he needs to be a bit more selfish in shooting when he has the opportunity, and yet of all AFCB's strikers you can count on Josh fairly regularly to get at least one shot that tests the keeper in a game. His goal against Swansea was no formality. He raced at the goal from Charlie Daniels through ball and slotted the goal with little hesitation, but how often do we see Josh go through the middle like that?

Playing out on the wings is also part of Josh's game and while he is very effective at beating his man and getting in crosses I would like to see if he could play more centrally regularly and start to get some headed goals. I know AFCB don't play much in the air but he is 5ft 9ins and not a shorty by any means. I also see him winning headers in his own box so it would be one way that he might look to get more goals at the other end.

His running power I think though is his best attribute. He always chases lost causes and can be very good at intercepting passes. The assists and the goals look a shade light though and Josh will know that he could get his tally up a bit higher.

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