Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tyrone will have better games

Last Saturday wasn't the game that Tyrone Mings will want to remember for long. While it marked his return to the Premier League, following his cruciate injury against Leicester City last season, there were few moments that will make him feel he hasn't really fully returned yet.

Tyrone has had a rough ride to make it back to the first team. He had only just made it on from the subs bench before and has never been a nailed on starter for the Cherries, so the game at Hull must have been massive for him. I don't think the goal that went in off him will cause him sleepless nights, but he won't like the defending he did for Hernández' second goal. He is experienced enough to know that he backed off too much and gave the striker the space he needed to score.
Tyrone is likely to get another game against Watford
with Simon Francis still being suspended.
The positives he can take from the game though is that he has got this game out of the way and he has started a partnership with Steve Cook. Eddie could easily have played three at the back, but he wanted to introduce Tyrone. In the long term, it will be good for the squad that he had this game and the next one I'd imagine against Watford, while Simon Francis is out. Yes, he can improve and do things better, but he'll be able to see the standard that he needs to get to now. I have no doubt that Tyrone can be a fantastic Premier League player.


The one moment all AFCB fans probably winced was when Tyrone went down in the second half following a corner. For a moment it looked pretty serious as he held his knee and struggled to move. Thankfully he was okay, but I guess he will need to get many games underneath him before he is going to feel fully confident about his recovery. This game was a start and there's more to come from Tyrone.

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