Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sky TV makes Man Utd trip awkward for AFCB fans

I guess as fans were are not supposed to moan too much about fixtures being changed when Sky TV is paying huge amounts of money to the Premier League clubs to show games on live TV. What I can't get my head around though is how geography is never taken into account. Fans on the south coast who are working on Friday 3 March now have to work out if they want to make a journey up north in the evening and stay over or start out at the crack of dawn on the official club coaches to make the 12.30pm kick off time at Old Trafford on Saturday 4 March.
Old Trafford will see a 12.30pm kick off for the Cherries visit.
As a TV spectacle I can see that this game would be attractive to a TV audience with Man Utd trying to close in on a top four finish, but let's face it Man Utd are on TV just about every week and to make it the early game is going to be hard on travelling fans. In some ways I suppose the cameras want to make the most of this game as it gives them the opportunity to hark back on about last season and the security issues. But I hope the journalists are prepared for some AFCB fans who are still angry about the whole episode and lack of compensation.

I think football fans hold grudges for long times and it kind of builds up the rivalry. While the fans might find the trip to Old Trafford less of a great day out now after last year's events, I am sure there will be a good many Cherries who will have pencilled in this fixture very early on when the schedules came out. 

I also wonder how Swansea fans are feeling about a late 5.30pm kick off for their match against the Cherries on 18th March. At least they have plenty of time to get to the ground and they'll probably stay over to make a weekend of it now.

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