Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wilshere can't win games on his own in an AFCB shirt

At times I think the expectations on Jack Wilshere are far too high. We all want him to play well, but he can't win games on his own in the Premier League every week. He has been outstanding in his range of passes and his vision during games, but there is a need for other players to start putting away some of these chances that he is creating.

Jack Wilshere at Stamford Bridge.
While Jack has been at the Cherries for half a season, I still don't see that the club is getting the very best out of him and I'm also not sure that is any fault of Jacks. Players have needed to see how Jack plays, as well as Jack learning to fit in with the Cherries system of playing. Yet, for all the endeavour how well has Jack really played? If you read his stats it's 16 games, two sub appearances and one assist and no goals, that doesn't sound like the record of a creative England midfielder on top form to me. But while Jack has played better than those kind of stats will tell you, he can play better, especially if he has better players around him.

AFCB are doing extremely well being just outside the top 10 in the Premier League. We forget that they have not got a squad of star names that other Premier League clubs are desperate to pinch. Everything that is won at the club is hard earned and what comes naturally to a player like Wilshere is a bit of a struggle to others. My worry is that Jack is a short term fix. He'll be gone in the summer and it will probably take until May that we see the very best from Jack.

If fans are hoping for a stronger second half of the season though for the Cherries, Eddie Howe has to get more goals being created and being finished by Jack Wilshere. It is a potential of the team that has not been unlocked fully. There has to be a reason for that and AFCB need to get Jack playing much more in the opposition's box than he is at the moment.

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  1. For me Lewis Cook is the answer....and he needs a run of games....if we don't give him a chance then he will become another disillusioned and disgruntled figure a la Mousset/Grabban/Gradel.....its time for Eddie to drop Arter who has scored no goals...similar to Surman