Friday, 19 April 2019

Can we expect Wilson to power AFCB to a win over Fulham?

Callum Wilson managed to snatch one goal in the last match against Brighton on a day when he probably thought he could have come away with a few more goals. That is what always so appealing about Wilson - he's a great striker for AFCB, he is always looking to do better.
Can Callum score a hat-trick on Saturday?
The partnership with King might not be as fluent as Howe would like, but with Ryan Fraser there is a great understanding with Wilson. The two of them have been making the difference for Bournemouth and they are two of the players that Howe will be very keen to keep hold of this summer.

Before the Brighton game, Wilson had been getting into good positions but missing good chances. He was in a bit of a slump and Howe probably needs Wilson to be happy to be banging in more goals rather than any other player at AFCB. When Wilson is believing that he can't miss, he is a frightening prospect. I have no doubt that most of Scott Parker's team talk will be directed at how to try and stop Callum Wilson.


This season, Wilson has added different kinds of goals to his game. He is a much better at heading and thrives off low crosses into the box as well. He has also managed the art of special goals as well as he did against West Ham at the start of the season. Stopping Wilson is something that other teams have to deal with, and if you imagine being in Scott Parker's shoes it is not easy to come up with any simple answers.


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