Thursday, 18 April 2019

Fraser - too good to let go?

The for sale signal on Ryan Fraser's head just gets bigger and bigger. He continues to play out of his skin and his partnership with Callum Wilson has scored the most Premier League goals. Take him out of the side and Bournemouth would be floundering to create probably half as many chances as they do.
Can Fraser add to his tally of seven league goals this Saturday.
Eddie Howe will do everything he can to persuade Ryan Fraser that his future can still be at AFCB. But Fraser has done relegation scares and mid-table safety for several years. Can AFCB offer the Wee-man greater things? Cup quarter-finals and top 10 placings may not be the summit for Fraser or AFCB, but can the winger wait any longer for bigger games?

If Fraser is offered a position at Arsenal or another top six club it will be difficult for AFCB to match the payout Fraser would get. He has been amazing for Bournemouth this season and the only surprise about Ryan is that somehow he has never been player of the year yet. He has stiff competition from the likes of David Brooks and Callum Wilson this season, but he has been one of the players that can make AFCB tick.


Fraser's value has therefore soared in my eyes and if he did go Bournemouth would be well placed to receive a good sum. But the hole he would leave would be huge. Can Bournemouth play as well without Fraser making chances for himself and Wilson? I think it would be a step back for Eddie Howe's team if Fraser decides it is time to go. Fraser has played 33 of the 34 games for AFCB this season - he is ever present, so to lose him would mean a massive change for the team.

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  1. Cannot afford to let him go. He is a massive player for us