Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Is it time for Ibe to move on?

When Jordan Ibe was signed from Liverpool, he was Bournemouth's record signing and it was stated at the time in several papers that Liverpool would have a clause in the contract enabling them to have first option on the players next move. They might be unlikely to exercise that and AFCB could open up offers for Jordan this summer. Eddie Howe wants to build a young squad at Bournemouth, but is Jordan Ibe an asset that could be moved on to free up some cash?
Is it time for a long chat with Jordan Ibe?
I'd say it would be a reasonable option for Bournemouth to let Ibe move on if they can get near enough their transfer money back for him. Look at what AFCB managed to pick up last season for £12m in David Brooks. There is probably something in Howe's belief that Ibe will flourish if he can just get him to find another gear to his game, but each season that goes by and Ibe is not playing more than half the games, it won't be of great benefit for Bournemouth of Jordan.

Having seen how well David Brooks has played, it might have been hoped that it would spur Ibe on to up his game. Still we have hardly seen Jordan this season (17 Premier League  appearances) and while he did well in some early League Cup games, he has to want more than that as an AFCB player.

Bournemouth might have to make some difficult decisions this summer. There are some players who have reached their latter playing years who probably will depart, but not for big money. Ibe still has a reasonable price-tag and it could just be time to cash in to help the club freshen up and keep some of the regular starters more honest.

Bournemouth need players that are going to make a difference and this summer is as good a time as any to recoup some transfer money and see if the club can come out stronger club.

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  1. Think there are a few other players...who need to move on...mousset..never given a chance...rico...ake will be left back...mahoney..never going to have a for the oldies...manr thanks to frances pugh surman daniels