Wednesday, 24 April 2019

"Polar opposite' performance hard to fathom

Eddie Howe is running out of answers for the up and down form of his team. One moment they look like world beaters and the next they would not look out of place as a League One team. The glaring misses that AFCB had in front of goal against Fulham cost them dearly, but is there more than just finishing that is lacking from this team?
Eddie Howe is left bemused again at AFCB's poor result.
I fear that there is a lot more at fault with AFCB at the moment. I don't believe the players have switched off, but they are no playing anywhere near their optimum levels. The Brighton game was almost a shock reaction to try and wake the team up, but they fell back into their end of season lull again against Fulham.

Working out why the players are having this conflicting form is no easy task. They surely want to beat their previous record in the Premier League for the number of wins and points tally, but the closer they get to such goals the more pressure they seem to be under. Far from finding the pressure dropping with the safety of 41 points achieved, Eddie Howe is left to ponder how to get some appetite back into the players ahead of their last three games.


Playing in front of the home crowd, Eddie probably didn't expect the team to find it so hard to find their rhythm against Fulham. But it's not the first time that we have seen this. Players playing out of position aren't helping. But it's not simply just that, in my opinion. The players aren't taking care to do the basics well enough and opposition teams look hungrier.

That hunger has to return for AFCB is they are to start playing back at their best and if the players can't get up for Southampton then it could be a flat end to the season for AFCB.

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