Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Solanke must be himself

Watching Dominic Solanke, I'm wondering whether he can explode on to the scene in one of the games before the end of the season? His appearances have been sporadic and he can't expect to simply walk into the team with Wilson and King being free from injury, but has he got what it takes to be a big star at AFCB?
Solanke is yet to score for AFCB.
From what I have seen so far, I'd say Dominic Solanke still has much to learn about the way AFCB play. I saw in the match against Brighton that Ryan Fraser was motioning to Solanke to get in the box and expect his cross any second, but when Fraser shaped to cross it was Wilson who dragged the ball down first and turned extremely quickly to for in Bournemouth's fourth goal of the afternoon. Had the ball gone across to Solanke, he may have managed to get a shot away, but we'll never know.

What I mean is that sometimes the ball just happens to go to you and as a striker you react as best you can and try and take the unexpected gift. With Solanke, he is still waiting for that first real glimpse of goal in a Bournemouth shirt and he'll be hoping he can take it when it does come his way. If Dominic wants it to happen and believes it will happen, then he'll really feel a great weight come off his shoulders when it happens.

The games are fast running out this season and I'm sure he'd like to sore in the next few games. Although Wilson and King are vying for the top goalscoring honour, I'm sure they would be pleased to lay on Solanke's first goal if they get the chance. Solanke looks like he has more about him than some young strikers. He looks to me like the kind of striker that can create something himself from a moment of skill, and it may be down to AFCB to see how they can tap into that rather than Solanke trying too hard to fit the kind of player that King or Wilson already are.

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