Monday, 15 April 2019

Playing with freedom - Bournemouth send fans wild

It has been a while in coming. What a performance Bournemouth gave in the second half against Brighton. The team exudes so much quality when it can loosen the shackles and play without fear. It was reminiscent of the early part of the season when things were fresh and new, so why has it taken so long to regain that edge that AFCB need in the Premier League?
Steve Cook helps bring AFCB back into form.
Eddie Howe gave an indication of why he believes the side has been in the doldrums for so long. Players have been missing through injury and when they have come back they have been short of match fitness. Big characters have also been unable to play and without the presence of players like Steve Cook, the normal Bournemouth fight had dwindled.

I was most pleased to watch the game against Brighton and see David Brooks recover his feet. He had a quiet first half, but picked up with the rest of the team as the game went on. The team was also more powerful in midfield than we have seen for a while, not only with Ryan Fraser playing out of socks but Dan Gosling had a magnificent game. and notched up his first goal in 14 months. The dependable Lerma was also giving a solid performance and as the game grew on Bournemouth really looked like they could score whenever they wished.


Brighton didn't have a lot of answers when they went down to 10 men. It gave Bournemouth the chance to really overrun them. But before that Ryan Fraser had made it 0-2 with a splendid finish. The Cherries were going to win the game even if Brighton had 11 players on the pitch, but the scales really turned in their favour when Anthony Knockaert was sent off.

I don't think the game was anything to do with revenge for the FA Cup defeat. Bournemouth needed a performance for other reasons. The fans reacted to the final whistle like it was a great weight taken off the team and now that AFCB have 41 points, it will be great t see if AFCB can keep playing in this way with more freedom.

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