Tuesday, 23 April 2019

"Good one week, shambles the next," says Fraser

Ryan Fraser did not hide his disappointment with Bournemouth's defeat to Fulham. The Wee-man gave one of his bustling performances, creating chances for others while having plenty of shots on goal himself, but he couldn't make the difference in this match.
Ryan Fraser doesn't mince his words.

It is no surprise that Ryan Fraser is pulled out after so many matches to give a comment. He has been a great asset for the Cherries and always wants to do the running for the team. He could have perhaps done better against Fulham, and is no doubt frustrated with his own performance as well as the team's efforts, but if he doesn't believe his team-mates are doing enough, does it add further insight as to how the Scotsman is perhaps looking to play with better players?

I think it hurts Fraser to see Bournemouth not putting in their swashbuckling performances of the past anymore. There has been a change in the energy and character of the team and it is having a negative effect on the way Bournemouth are playing. Now the players are quick to run each other down when things go wrong and are making worse decisions when the games start to go away from them.


There has to be more of a level consistency to Bournemouth's play and the players are getting too up and too down on the result rather than focusing on improving their game. The results are important, but it has to be about development as players and as a team. This season I can't say that AFCB have developed and grown enough as a team and perhaps we are starting to hear that frustration in some of the comments from players like Ryan Fraser.

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  1. Ryan left the pitch instantly after the whistle on Saturday, it was fair to say that he himself was wasteful and along with King and Wilson mis-fired on the day. It does seem that there is some frustrations in the squad and the lack of cohesion is evident. However injuries haven't helped us, especially defensively. We will limp to the end of this season and hopefully re-group in the summer and come back solid and fresh.