Friday, 28 June 2013

AFCB's team starting to take shape

The signings of Elliott Ward and Ian Harte have suddenly injected a lot of excitement into preparations for the new season at AFCB. The singing of such players really shows that the club is on its way to realising its full potential which for so many years it has been unable to achieve. Now we can all see that AFCB is a club that is going forward.

While the two players we have signed have come in on free transfers they are a step up from the kind of players we have seen coming in through the doors at Dean Court. The two new men have experience and more importantly pedigree which is not achieved over night. It will be easy for some of our players to be a bit naive playing in the Championship for the first time. They probably will make some mistakes, but perhaps less than they would have done if they can now talk to the kind of players like Harte and Ward who have been there and done it.

As pre-season games are now on the horizon, it is going to be of interest to see in what way Eddie Howe rotates the players and in what positions and the different systems he decides to play. It really is a new chapter in the club and team's development and it is just exciting to be a part of it as a fan.

The talk of possibly one of two more players coming in also keeps everyone looking forward to the start of the season with only 36 days to go now. AFCB's team is starting to take shape. UTCIAD!

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