Saturday, 1 June 2013

The new AFC Bournemouth shirts are out

Seeing the new AFCB kits is just so exciting. However, it is ages until the start of next season. I am keen to order one of the shirts although I am a bit stuck on what to write on the back. It is rather annoying to be limited to 10 letters when you have a blog called Cherry Chimes!!

Still the shirts look great no matter what. I keep hinting that father's day is coming up, so perhaps a new shirt will make an appearance then. A small overdraft may be required to buy all three shirts, especially as my sons have designs on having new shirts as well.

The third kit is the one that most fans are talking about, either because it is similar to previous Saints and Man City shirts or because it catches the eye. I like the thick stripes on the home shirt and while it has not changed much from last seasons I have not had a new home shirt since the 2009-10 season.

Sadly, my Samsung phone does not have the download app for Aurasma so the competition is a non-starter for me. Perhaps the club should recognise that we don't all have iphones.

I see that the shirts are available online, at the club stores and locally at JD Sports. I will feel the club has really made it when the shirt can be bought nationwide - just one more division to climb then.

If any one has already purchased a shirt and has a photo. I will happily post it just so you can brag to your fellow supporters. Nothing like some one upmanship.

You can now see Robert, Stephen and me showing off the new home kit for 2013/14 on the Robert and Stephen's Corner Tab.


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