Saturday, 8 June 2013

Super Fletch set for talks on his new role

Not sure what happened to the top of your head there Steve!

I am reliably informed that Super Steve Fletcher will be sitting down for more formal talks with Eddie Howe next week to discuss how best to use his experience in the AFC Bournemouth set up. The 'gaffa' as Steve likes to call Eddie will return to Dean Court next week after being away and one of his priorities will be to work out a new role for Big Fletch at the club.

Steve has made no secret of the fact that he wants to work with the first team and he already has close links with all the players and the coaching staff, so I am sure that should not be too much of a problem. Anyone who has seen Steve's involvement in BBC's Late Kick Off South over the past couple of years, and his work in putting together 'The Knowledge' with Graeme Murty, will know that Fletch is very keen to be involved with coaching and to work with young professional footballers. I certainly picked up a few tips from watching 'The Knowledge' even if referees might raise an eyebrow at one or two of the tactics shown. Tou have to use whatever slight advantage you can get these days and Steve is a master at getting an edge on sleepy defenders.

Those who have been reading Red&Black for the last few months will also have seen Steve do a number of excellent journalism interviews with the squad players at the Cherries and he has been writing regularly for Seeker News. His media talents have also taken him to SKY Sports where he has done a number of match day punditry items including the Brentford v Swindon play-off match last season. It will be interesting if he can keep this side of his career growing as the Cherries will get in the Championship is likely to be higher profile and Steve could help lead this.

If things really don't work out, Fletch's can always make more camera appearances as an actor having already helped out in a local film as a heavyweight boxer. I expect a football movie could be something Steve might consider.

Whatever the outcome of the talks next week, I would hope that Super Fletch is still to be deeply entrenched at AFCB. I always thought it has been a bonus to have him around the first team as a go-between with the management and I think this is really where we can get the best out of him. He is trusted by both sides and at heart is a bit of a lad, but who always wants the best for AFCB. Now its up to the club to do the best for Super Fletch.

Steve also tweeted earlier this week that he intends to do an Evening with the fans in the near future, so you can put your questions to him.

I hope you also like the few style changes that have been made to Cherry Chimes as we head into the Championship.

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  1. Robin McDonald8 June 2013 at 08:33

    I'm sure they can find a role for the big fella. He sure could teach the youngsters a thing or two about hard work and professionalism.