Sunday, 23 June 2013

Donal: Express yourself...come on and do it!

Irishman Donal McDermott has not been talked about too much of late. He featured quite heavily early on last season in the squad and yet did not get seen often when the team managed to put its strong run together that eventually got the Cherries promoted. Donal made 8 first team appearances in 2012/13 and 6 of those were as a substitute.

Donal with Fletch and Tubbs during the warm up before the
Colchester away game near then end of last season.

I was encouraged when we signed him permanently in January 2012 from Huddersfield Town, but that excitement over his dribbling and shooting ability as well as his creative spark is not something we have seen of late at Dean Court. This coming season he really needs to climb the ladder and get himself in front of Eddie and Jason and prove to them that he is the player that so thrilled us all during the end of the 2010-11 season, and the play-off games we had against Huddersfield when he scored that terrific goal in the 1st leg at Bournemouth.

What do we want Donal to do? 'Express Yourself' as the lyrics in NWA's 1980s hit would say. I would love to hear AFCB fans chanting 'Express Yourself, ...Donal...Donal... Do it .. Do it well'  Express Yourself, Come On, Come On.. Donal do it well.' You can see I'm a lost in the 80s child!

Having not played a great deal, I do suspect that if Donal cannot get into the first team or win a place even on the bench, he is one that is likely to be encouraged to at least go out on loan. At 23 he is still very young and it must be frustrating for him not to be playing more regularly. The Development squad does not have as many games or play at the same kind of intensity as the first team and Donal is good enough to play in the Championship in my opinion. I don't want him to be sold if he can make the grade, because he can be so exciting on the ball.

Hopefully, he is coming back to the Goldsands Stadium with the attitude to get his head down and really do everything he can to impress Eddie and Jason. He is not alone in being in his situation, but I believe Donal can step up his game and become a player of better value at AFCB. The friendlies offer a good opportunity for him to impress.

I would like to see him get a chance at some stage to play in midfield, possibly even centrally behind the front two. The competition is really tough for him, but it's up to Donal to give the management that option by regaining some of his past form and showing it to them on a regular basis on the training ground. Express yourself Donal!


  1. Donal is one of my favourite players, however he does seem to have many off the field problems, which I REALLY hope he is coming to grips with, because the guy is such a talent, and The Championship is the perfect arena for him to showcase his undoubted talent. But it's all down to HIM!!! He has to knuckle down, get his life together and prove to Eddie and Jason that he's worth not only a place in the squad, but the team. I was absolutely ecstatic when he re-signed, I can't say I've felt like that about other ex players signing again, yet he is the one who has been a complete disappointment. As for his "Song", it seems difficult enough for everyone to get more than one or two words strung together, the days of a "Song" seem far in the distance. In fairness, I do think much of that is down to how the vocal support is fragmented, one section of the North Stand shouting one thing, and another something totally different, confusing when your sat between the two, you're unsure which to shout with :)

  2. I'd love to see Donal make a successful comeback as he certainly has the ability. We will find out soon enough & if Eddie can't get the best out of Donal no one else is going to so it will be career over at this level for him.

  3. Undoubtably has huge talent but i really think he will struggle to get a look in at AFCB at the moment with the competition for places in his position.

    Hope he proves me and other doubters wrong though.

  4. The most naturally talented player in our squad, with some hard work and dedication he could be a star, hope we see him more

  5. That McDermott isn't even mention in that article shows why he should be an option on the poll to the right...