Thursday, 6 June 2013

To what extreme would you go to support AFCB?

There must be many more dedicated AFCB fans than me out there and I expect they might have done some pretty barmy things in order to see the Cherries play. While I'll hide away to listen to Cherries Player if I can't get to a game I kind of accept that my addiction has its limits and on those days I'll just have to wait until I can get to see the result somewhere.

Our allegiance to our team though can be shown in many ways. While some will not be seen dead in some shirts or hats there are others who will wear anything if it has the club crest on it. For those of greater dedication there is always the tattoo. Have any of you already celebrated last seasons promotion with a new inked inscription of AFC Bournemouth on part of your body? Perhaps you have already been showing it off. If you haven't done it yet I'd go for AFCB, UTCIAD or Cherries as it would be less painful with fewer letters.

AFC Bournemouth 'til I die and then perhaps a bit longer too.

Personally, I'll stick with the T-shirts and club memorabilia. Last season I bought the heavy metal/Gothic style fixture T-shirt and I hope the club does something similar for the  2013-14 season. I think I missed the official promotion T-shirt as I was released when I was up in Tranmere for the last game, but perhaps they are still on sale in the club shop? If AFCB are reading this, please print some more and let us buy them online!

While not wanting to put a morbid outlook on the future, I do feel that FC Schalka 04 fans have the ultimate way to stay in touch with their club when they pass away because they have their very own cemetery, right next to the old ground, and in view of the new Veltins Stadium that opened in 2012. They only have space for 1904 fans though as it will commemorate the year that the club was formed, so fans will by dying to get in there, if you see what I mean! Sorry.

If you wonder how I knew about Schalka, have a watch of Tom Deacon's excellent series of the Eurofan videos at Copa90 on YouTube. Yeah, I know he is a Saints fan, but I can forgive him that as he makes brilliant football videos: Schalke 04 v Galatasaray Eurofan


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