Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tommy Elphick can lead AFCB to greater success

With the fixture list now out, there is one man that will be looking to lead the team to even greater success in the coming months, our captain Tommy Elphick.

Why is it that I feel strangely comforted when I hear the AFCB fans sing 'Tommy...,Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Elphick' ringing out to the sound of 2 Unlimited's 'There's No Limit'? A signature tune that is very apt for a player that could lead the Cherries to places that the club has never been before. His goal seems to be to take the club even higher and under his captaincy I can see an underlying will to succeed.

Heads up for Tommy at Colchester.

We all saw how disorganised and haphazard the Cherries defence was against Leyton Orient in the away defeat we suffered last season to know that some of the goals the team let in simply would not have happened had Tommy been on the pitch. When I watch Tommy I find that he does go about his business in a majestic sort of way. He never seems out of position and reads the game well, watching for the quick ball over the top or moving up on attackers so he can make those crucial tackles when it matters and set the team on its way again.

We all know that vocally he is a leader and his encouragement to others around him has helped the belief grow among the squad. Why is it that Steve Cook looks a better player when he plays with Tommy alongside him? Why is it that Harry Arter seems to find more space to receive the ball when Elphick is looking for him? To me these are all signs that Tommy is the catalyst for a lot of the things that are going right for AFCB. He is a fulcrum around which the other players can breathe confidence and look to express themselves, knowing that they have a solid minder at the back.

You probably won't see Tommy beating three players in a row, he keeps things simple and yet can also find a midfield splitting pass when required. It's good that we have some unassuming players in the side and Tommy is one of those who adds a balance to the team. I hope he is the captain for many years to come, because more than anything he is a winner.

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