Saturday, 22 June 2013

Did I hear three at the back?

With the arrival of Elliott Ward to add to the defensive strength at AFCB, I am sure I heard Eddie Howe just drop a hint that AFCB might line up in one or two games next season with a slightly different formation from what we have been accustomed to seeing.

Indeed, he mentioned the possibility of having a back three when being interviewed about Elliott on Cherries Player. With the likes of Elphick, Cook, Ward, Francis, Daniels, Partington, Zubar and Purches we do have some good players who could play in a back three.

Are we looking at an AFCB back three?

Moreover, with the riches we have in midfield it would really be a chance to play five strong players there as well. Other Championship teams might not be too used to coming up against such a system either. Wigan successfully applied the formation in the Premiership for many seasons under Martinez, but even they are unlikely to play that way in the Championship under Owen Coyle.

Picking and choosing the games when we can play to our strengths will be something that Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall will have to look closely at. If we face teams that have two big forwards that are being hit with long, diagonal, balls all the time it will be hard to defend against with a back three, rather than the two central defenders. 

Playing from the back though is something that Eddie Howe encourages and it has served other teams in the Championship like Brighton and Watford very well. The importance of us winning our home games will really be evident from the start of next season, and if that means we have to be even more positive than usual a back three might provide the basis for that with more of our players up the field.

What do you feel AFCB perhaps setting up with Ward, Elphick and Cook at the back and Daniels and Francis pushed up into midfield? Interesting? Frightening?

By the way, Cherry Chimes hopes to be looking at tactics and simulated action replays of goals in AFCB games, in minute detail, throughout next season in a new section called Know HOWE. Look out for the preview coming soon. 


  1. Is it just me, am I the only one who still looks at the League 1 fixtures and thinks WOW, what a huge difference in opposition. Next season is certainly going to be some test, but one I'm very confident about, and I was sure that Eddie and Jason would change things around to take all this into account. Elliott seems an ideal signing, it would seem Eddie will play with his formations more, even during the game. When Elliott signed, it did have me wondering if Eddie's intention was to play 3 across the back sometimes, maybe 5 in midfield. The Championship is quite something compared to League 1 and I'm just SO excited. If I dare to be critical, the one thing that struck me, and I'm prepared to be shot down in flames, and that was we didn't score many, from set pieces. Before with Eddie in charge, our set pieces were fantastic and produced many goals. Perhaps Elliott going up for corners as an example will become productive...

  2. Far from shooting you down afcbpete, I wrote a piece a few days ago on 16 June called 'Training ground moves' in which I highlighted the need to come up with some set pieces to confuse the opposition. I think Championship will have very tight games and we need to learn to win the odd game with a header or corner move. Dare I say like Doncaster! Oh, now, I've said it!

    It doesn't mean we have to play like that for 90 minutes. Most of the time we want great passing one-touch football and I'm sure Eddie and Jason are keen to serve that up for us for most of those 90 minutes.