Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Away days will be amazing next season

While I am still pinching myself that AFC Bournemouth will be playing Championship football next season, I am already trying to imagine what visiting some of those away games will be like.

As an exile it is very difficult for me and my family to take advantage of the club's coach rides to away fixtures. I don't suppose the driver would consider making any stop offs on the way back to the south coast? News has it though that some exiles in Surrey might just get together to form some coach trips to some big AFCB away games next season. If I hear more I'll let you know in due course.

I imagine that the experience on the AFCB coach is a fun one, although travelling by coach is not always great for those who already have stiff backs and long legs. And when the team loses the journey back must take forever.

I will be looking forward to a few train journey's though as well as travelling by car. It was good to see so many cars on the road last season when we went to the Colchester game. It was like an army on the move and my boys always love to see the scarfs and stickers in the car windows of fellow AFCB fans. Living in the home counties that is pretty rare.

The few London fixtures will be eagerly awaited by myself as I can just hop on a train and be there within the hour. I do like mixing with the general public and seeing their faces when they see us going to a Bournemouth match away from home. Meeting new people and exchanging experiences with them before and after the match is one of the things I really like about match days. You will often find that you have more in common than you think with other fans and making friends is what it's all about. I draw the line though at buying those half and half scarfs - what is that all about? Only one team for me.

Then, when we get to the game we will have some fabulous stadiums to check out as well as some big cities. My only hope is that attendances in away fixtures are good as I hate seeing massive stadiums with loads of empty seats.
 I get the feeling though that there will be more AFCB supporters looking to either get on board the away bus or at least travel to some more away games than has been the case for many seasons.

hat can only be good news for the club and the players. Perhaps the club will even give some incentives to become a regular away fan? it is one area where we will be playing catch up with some of the bigger teams.

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