Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Championship fixtures are just a day away

The excitement in my house is already building for tomorrow when the 2013/14 Championship fixtures will be revealed for all to see. I can't imagine what the anticipation is like at Dean Court and around the town with so many supporters now tuned in to the new season that is fast approaching.

There was a fabulous article on how the fixtures are arranged and compiled at the weekend in the Observer. James Riach offers a real insight into complicated the procedure of fixture arranging. But who would it really be best for AFCB to be playing in the first 10 games? While we have no control over such matters, it is important for the Cherries to get off to a good start in what is going to be a highly competitive league.

To be honest, I am not to sure who would be good to play early on. It may be that the teams that we came up with - Yeovil and Doncaster - are not the ones that we want to get early on as they have settled sides and are going to be just as keen as the Cherries are to make their mark in the division. It may seem slightly mad but I would not be disappointed to be drawn against the likes of QPR, Reading or Wigan early on for the simple reason that they are probably most likely to have new players. They also may be unsettled at being favourites to win and might feel the weight of expectation on their shoulders. At the end of the day though we have to play all the teams twice, so it's not worth getting too worried about. 

Overall, I hope that we have a good spread of the most keenly awaited games through the season. I don't really want all the northern teams in one block or all the nearest fixtures straight away. It will be important for most of us fans to see who we play over the Christmas and New Year period as well as the Easter holidays and who we end up playing last at home.

Soon there will be no more waiting. Once those fixtures are announced we will know how hard our fate is in the first few games and where the difficult part of the season will be. Whatever the case I know we will all enjoy the ride. UTCIAD!

At least we know it's not Bolton, Burnley, Derby or Blackburn first up on the 3rd August as they are playing against each other that weekend as two of the games to mark the league's 125th anniversary.

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