Thursday, 6 June 2013

Danny Ings - a case of who Eddie knows best?

Eddie Mitchell has confirmed that AFC Bournemouth did make a bid for Danny Ings that was turned down by Burnley FC. I am imaging that the reason for the bid might well be because of all the speculation regarding Matt Tubbs in the last few days. If AFCB can secure the return of Danny Ings it makes it a lot easier to let Matt leave the club, especially if the Cherries receive a good enough offer from Oxford Utd, Rotherham Utd or  Crawley Town - Tubb's preferred choice.

Like Tubbs, Ings is a real terrier around the pitch. Some will say, why are we going after a player that we have already sold on in the past? In a way, I agree that it is not good management, but some times you have to sell players even when you really wanted to keep them. While Ings was marvelled as the first £1 million player to leave AFCB I am not sure how much the club wanted to sell him. Financial necessity perhaps, but Ings had only been in the first team for a short while.

I am beginning to worry about the theory that this was all part of a big plan to move players, and the management team, on to the Championship and then to go an buy them back after a season or two. If so, it was a risky escapade and not one that would make much financial sense as we have forked out for Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall's return and I doubt that Pitman or McQuoid were bought back at bargain basement prices. Surely Burnley will also look to sting AFCB for everything it can get for Danny Ings.

Unlike some, I can see why Danny would be a good edition to the squad. He is young and Eddie must feel that he can improve him further. It's hard to know if Danny is unhappy at Burnley. He did make appearances for the Clarets in their final three games of last season having been injured for most of the time. Eddie Howe is after players with Championship experience and while Danny has not played that many games at Burnley he has been training in and around the squad and will know what stepping up to this level is all about. It is better that we look at young players than go for those who are near retirement and on big wages with less desire or need to prove themselves.

I expect AFCB to put in another bid for Ings now that the rabbit is out of the hat. It makes it less likely that DJ Campbell or Clayton Donaldson are headed to AFCB, because they are not the preferred choice if we are only looking to get in one new striker. 

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