Sunday, 23 June 2013

The ladies game and confession time

Last night was AFC Bournemouth Ladies' End of Season Awards evening and I hope to bring you some news of the event (no pressure Sammy).

In the meantime, I have a confession to make. I have not yet seen a live Ladies football game and it's something that I need to put right next season. While I have watched many games on TV of the fairer sex playing, especially the England ladies team and a few cup finals I have to say I will be a novice to see a match of AFC Bournemouth Ladies.

That's not to say that I don't look out for their results and see how they are doing. I am hoping that I can see the team in action shortly, and it could be another good excuse to come down to Bournemouth. If you have not already had a look at their great website please do give it a visit. It's a great site and is well kept up to date with news.

I find it quite exciting to see the growth of the ladies game really starting to rise and I hope that it can continue to get better TV and press coverage. The leagues are quite small at the moment but some of the football I have seen from the armchair has been excellent. It is fast moving and at the top level the England team has a very high profile.

The importance of the ladies game has now been recognised in magazines like Twentyfour7football which dedicates a section of the magazine every month to female stars and the latest games. The Olympic legacy's promise to boost up an coming sports like ladies football will require us to get off our living room sofas and go and see some of the games.

I am sure there are many young Junior Cherry girls who might like to have a crack at being a professional footballer and I do feel that opportunities are now there for them to go and achieve such ambitions in this country.

Have you been to an AFC Bournemouth Ladies game? Did you enjoy it? Were you surprised at the good level of football played?   

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