Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bravo to our live blog match team

Hello.... Hello... your breaking up! .... I can't.... hear you.. Are you still there? Hello? Hello?  Where's the radio's match commentary gone?..... The signal keeps fading out!!!

Lost the live match day radio broadcast commentary again? Do not fear, we have a back up. In most, if not all, of the games last season we had the option, as in previous seasons, to check on the form and live goings on of AFCB and the players in the match day live blog on the official club website. I can't say that now and again there have not been hiccups on this system, but in the main the guys who work on reporting live on the blog do a fantastic job.

I can safely say that the lads who do the blog are very talented, because to type away while watching the game is no easy task. I imagine that one also monitors the incoming feeds from fans who log on to the blog and Twitter and Facebook comments that constantly come in. It's part of the match day that has really come alive in the past few years and which I really like.

As you know from Cherry Chimes we like to put up posts from excited fans and to share their reaction to news as soon as it happens. This is something that the Match Day blog is also able to do by immediately letting everyone know what other fans are thinking. It's this immediacy of the Match Day Blog that gives it an advantage, even over the radio where you often have to wait to half- or full-time before you often hear what other fans are thinking.

By the way, I also think that BBC Radio Solent do a great job as well. It is always entertaining to hear Willo's summaries on AFCB games when you have not been able to get to them. Sometimes though the radio commentary is delayed and falls behind play that you can see being text on the Live blog. In crucial games I find I veer towards the live blog and then wait for confirmation on the radio, while I'm also checking twitter and other websites that are giving live commentary. It's quite a task keeping up with play in this digital age, isn't it?

Well next season those bloggers, radio commentators and many of you fans I hope will be travelling to new grounds as AFCB begins its life in the Championship.

Make sure you tune in or is it log in? UTCIAD!

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