Sunday, 9 June 2013

Danny Ings: are we casting the net wide enough?

The Danny Ings bid has certainly divided opinion a little among fans in whether AFCB should be looking further afield for talent to play in the Championship or if buying back Danny is a good move. I believe that if Ings is the best player for that position that the club can find on the wages that he is on, and for the transfer fee being asked, then it is a real shame that he was sold to Burnley in the first place.

When you look at how many clubs in the lower leagues manage to find local lads to make it at the top grade the Cherries don't do that badly. It is not every day that a Wilfried Zaha walks into your club and when you have them it's not going to be long before a big club comes in for them. When the Cherries have unearthed and improved players of a young age that can go on to better things our financial position, and need for a player conveyor, has seen some good young talent leave the club. It's the same for most lower league clubs. Now that Bournemouth is in the Championship it should be trying to keep more of these players for longer.

Going back to Danny Ings, I would rather us be looking for the next Danny Ings and trying to bring him through to the first squad rather than dipping into the transfer market. I am sure the club would rather this as well and will be saying that it has players on its books that it is trying to do this with. Eddie Howe must see something in Danny Ings that he feels would make a real difference to our chances of doing well in the Championship. I feel that if anyone is going to get the best out of Danny Ings it will be Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall.

Finally, before some of you say Danny is injury prone, it is hard for anyone to know what the future holds. Young players do pick up injuries like Danny did with a knee cartilage tear at Burnley. Twenty one year olds are still developing and learning the limits to which they can push their bodies. Danny is now back in Burnley's first team and scoring goals again. It's been enough to get Eddie interested in him again.

I don't buy the lack of scouting system or not casting the net wide enough. We only brought in Ryan Fraser from Aberdeen and Ryan Allsop from Orient in January. We even picked up local lad Harry Cornick then, too. The Cherries need to grab the best talent they can find, for the least money and highest potential but it's not an exact science. By going for a player you know fairly well some of the risk factor is taken out of the deal. Now it is down to price - can the club afford £1.3 million? Would we still be within the Championship's fair play limits and do Burnley still owe us money from Ing's initial transfer to Burnley?

How do you feel about the possibility that Danny Ings being back at Dean Court? Would he regularly keep Grabban out of the team?  


  1. I don't think he is worth 1.3m. £750k max IMO.

  2. I agree, seems high, but, hey, it's welcome to the Championship!
    9:20 AM - 9 Jun 2013

  3. I trust EH in that he knows who he wants and how Danny Ings will slot into our squad - Some to be leaving too, no doubt #afcb
    9:28 AM - 9 Jun 2013

  4. Danny Ings down for his medical in Bournemouth #rumourmill #afcb

  5. I'm a huge Ings fan, but agree that a fee that big seems beyond us unless they still owe us a big chunk. Great workrate.
    2:20 PM - 9 Jun 2013