Wednesday, 26 October 2016

AFCB are now at home in Premier League

Well I said I'd say more about the home form after the last two games. While the thrashing of Hull City was remarkable it was the draw with Spurs that gives fans a real belief that the Cherries are making great strides now in the Premier League.

Going 'toe-to-toe' as people say with the big boys is something that AFCB have been striving for. You can say the Everton home win was a big step as well in that direction, but the home form is certainly going to bring AFCB far more points than last season if they can keep it up. There has not been a great change in the way the team has played against other sides at Dean Court, but the need to dominate at home has really gotten through to the players. The real work has come since the League Cup defeat against Preston North End. That match was a bad night for the squad and it resonated through the club.
AFCB are really enjoying the home games.
It is staggering that 10 of AFCB's 12 points have come from home games as they have not played that poorly away from Dean Court. Getting away wins has not been a major obstacle though for AFCB in recent years. They have a good opportunity now against improving Middlesbrough and Stoke City in November to up their away performances before taking on Arsenal. 

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The home match against Sunderland will have a different pressure on the players though as they will be expected to go and get the three points against a team already fighting for its Premier League survival. AFCB will need to take the same attitude into that game as they did when they took on Hull City. Playing Spurs was very different as AFCB did not have the ball for large spells of the game, but they dug in and even came back towards the end of the second half. That new resilience against a top four side is just as satisfying as seeing the side slot their chances away as they did against Hull City.

It is the games against Arsenal and Liverpool in a month's time though that will be another guide to whether AFCB can really slug it our with the big boys. At the moment though the only focus should be on points accumulation and getting to those games in as good a shape as possible. 

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