Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Strange things happen at Dean Court these days

I was sitting watching the demolition of Hull City with the score at 3-1 at the start of the second half and was wondering like many what were we going to see? It was not that I love seeing a tight game every week, nervously wondering if AFCB can hang on to a win or a draw but the side looked so comfortable against Hull even the players seemed to be asking the question, well what do we do next?

The game was basically over and it was calming that AFCB did not have a sudden urge to gift Hull City another goal to make it more of a game in the second half. It is only the top teams that get to rest players because they get into these kind of positions, but AFCB have no midweek European games and there was no need to give other players a taste of the Premier League in Howe's mind. The subs eventually started to come on after the hour, but that was designed to turn the screw even further it turned out. Josh King basically delivered the final blows to a Hull City side that never really offered any prospect of making a game of it. It was a very good substitution by Eddie Howe and King is undoubtedly one of the class acts of this side now.
The architects of strange happenings at Dean Court - Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe.
Like the four seasons of weather that we seemed to get on this match day, the Cherries an blow hot and cold at times. But on this day it was pretty much a heatwave being emitted by the AFCB players and Hull City were in the oven. Eddie Howe admitted that there had not been many days when the Cherries had been in this position and it did seem a bit strange looking on at how well the Hull City side was being dismantled. You could see their players working really hard, but they might has well have been on the training pitches outside the ground as they could not get near Charlie Daniels. The home form of AFCB has been one of the big improvements that we have seen since last season and it is making the difference. AFCB have found a way to dispatch teams and when they are in that mood they will be a problem for any team.

Broom Hill Garden Buildings

Of course the visit of Tottenham is a very different prospect than a recently promoted Hull City under a new manager. Doing to Tottenham what they have done to AFCB in the past is not the bookies' favourite outcome, but if the Cherries could defeat the last unbeaten record in the league this season it would be a point at which this AFCB team has to be evaluated in a very different light to the small seaside team that just plays pretty football under a young English manager. Something strange has been happening at Dean Court for some time now - not just this season. People are starting to wake up to that.

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