Friday, 7 October 2016

AFCB must win more headers in the box

Same back four, same problems? Well I am not so sure it is just the back four that need to defend better at set pieces for the Cherries. Watford's second goal was a great header from Success and yet Andrew Surman was the player that had the main task of trying to stop the winger from scoring by beating him in the air. Moreover, AFCB should be even more annoyed about giving the needless free kick away in the first place.

Defending free kicks is a real weakness for AFCB and
Hull City have an expert taker in Robert Snodgrass.
AFCB always like to invite pressure on themselves in tight games. Sometimes they get away with it, but Watford were as desperate as AFCB to get something from the game and sadly the side gave them a great opportunity to attack the AFCB goal. 

Whether Marc Wilson is any better at centre-half is something fans are unlikely to see until Francis or Cook become injured, and it is not the centre-backs that are often to blame anyway. Heading is not a strong point of this team although I'd say Francis and Steve Cook have done better of late than fans probably realise at centre-back in the air. When the whole team has to defend a free kick though from wide areas there is much more difficulty in getting the right players matched up with the runners and it must be a problem for AFCB as it is still happening just like last season.

For once Artur Boruc was stranded, but the keeper can't always get near the ball when the crosses come in and this was a precisely guided header that dd not give Boruc much chance to get off the ground. A man on the back post might have kept it out, but that would have just been inviting Watford to bombard the goal with runs if AFCB had defended that deep. The video will be replayed I'm sure and some answers need to be found.


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