Monday, 17 October 2016

Junior Stanisals is the stimulus AFCB needed

The growing emergence of Junior Stanislas as a key player in this AFCB side took another step forward on Saturday. If getting the winner against Everton pointed him out again as a player to watch, he did not take a back seat in the following home match against Hull City either.
Junior is having his best spell at AFCB at the moment.
Junior is one of those players who probably does not know how good he can be and what level he can achieve. His recent achievements have been an immense help to the team and he seems to always kick-start the season for the Cherries these days. He is probably entering the best spell of his career, and it must be great for him to know he is doing it in the Premier League. While he has not always been a high goalscorer, he must now recognise that he could really push his case for an international call up if he can keep his scoring rate going. What is apparent is that his assists and delivery from free kicks are becoming a trademark of this AFCB side.

Still, everyone looked a bit surprised that Junior was going to be stepping up for the penalty kick when Callum Wilson was fouled. It is a big responsibility to be taking the spot kicks and while junior has been striking some great free kicks, I wasn't sure how he would go about taking the penalty having not seen him taken one for AFCB before. I needn't have worried. The net rippled emphatically with his strike nestling right under the bar giving Marshall no chance. I wonder if Junior will continue to take the penalties and if the pecking order might change to keep it difficult for opposing teams to guess where the shot is going, but for Junior to take them it shows that his team-mates back him to score and that will be a good feeling for Junior.

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Junior's second goal against Hull was scored almost right in front of me. Looking down from the family stand we could see Junior arcing his run into the box and when the cross came in the goal was there to be hit. Junior side-footed the ball home though with a good deal of calmness and unhurried precision which is what was needed. He may be a shade disappointed that he did not walk off with the match ball, but I expect many had Juinor down as man of the match for this games.

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