Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gosling was well up to the task of stepping in for Surman

Dan Gosling has been waiting since the Preston game to get another crack at a midfield start, and his sudden inclusion in the starting line up against Spurs did not seem to weaken the side at all. Whether that says more of what Gosling has to offer or not, I believe he is a player that has a wise head and is very good to turn to when their is a bit of an emergency.
Dan Gosling created the best chance of the
Spurs game for AFCB, crossing for Charlie Daniels.

Eddie Howe could have turned to Nathan Aké on Saturday to cover for Andrew Surman, but it was Gosling that has the real intent in his game to get forward in support. He is one of those box-to-box players that was needed against a very quick passing Spurs who had, I admit, destroyed AFCB last season. In such matches last season, AFCB had looked to smother the opposition with five across midfield, but then it was more like a line of five. Now,  AFCB seem to play the one up, with three close in behind, and the two central midfielders lying deeper, which still allows the wing backs to get forward and push teams back. Gosling was key in getting as many tackles in as he could to then give the ball to forward runners.

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I'm glad it is Eddie Howe that has to decide between the central midfield players as to who is best to play, as Gosling must be knocking on that door fairly regularly and yet Surman has always been the man that has been picked ahead of him. While I think Dan Gosling offers more in terms of a goal threat, it is Surman that does a lot of the dirty work for the team in winning the ball back much of the time. I imagine Surman will be back in place for the next match, but I hope Eddie Howe heaps a lot of praise on Gosling privately for his performance against Spurs, as it was strong and worthy of special mention considering his late call up into the team on Saturday.

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