Monday, 24 October 2016

Jack Wilshere does the distance

Jack Wilshere has been a great addition to AFCB. He might not have scored but he has given the side an extra level of aspiration. The players want to be as good as him and are happy to see him get back to his best with the side which is benefiting their own game. A good Jack Wilshere is a Premier League player that is consistently getting in the face of opponents and riding challenges, but an excellent Jack Wilshere is dominating games and that's where Eddie Howe wants to get him to.

Jack is getting the match time he wanted now.
The first step has been to integrate him into the team and he is already starting to find the same tempo as those around him. At times Jack stands still and is almost admiring what is taking place without trying to push the need for being given the ball, but I want him to take the ball now and create. He has watched and learnt the strengths and weaknesses of this AFCB side and he can take it further by pushing the passes that open up teams. He very nearly did that last Saturday with Callum Wilson aiming to break free of his markers. It will happen soon in one of these games as Jack is looking to make this next step. 

Having played 90 minutes for the first time in two years, he is starting to get the feeling back that he can extend himself more in games and once he can focus on the game rather than worrying whether he can last 90 minutes I think the old Jack Wilshere will return. Coming to Bournemouth was a fabulous move not only for AFCB but also for Jack. I only feel that come next May Jack will be torn about where he can play his best football. Perhaps Arsenal is not where he can return to make a fresh start - at least Jamie Redknap is of that opinion along with me. That does not mean that AFCB is his level or where he will see his future, but it will be at AFCB where Jack learns a great deal about what he can still achieve in the game. 

I only hope Jack enjoys his time at Bournemouth and finds that the coaching he is getting is the best he can be offered at this stage of his career. Sometimes football is not just about winning but on getting players back on track and a happy Jack is something that we all want to see as it is the way to him regaining the best football he can produce. 

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