Monday, 24 October 2016

Do we all appreciate how good Harry Arter really is?

There was only one man who was running the show against Spurs and that was AFCB's number Eight. Harry Arter is ensuring that he makes the most of every minute he spends on the pitch these days, and he is energised with a passion that is so intense that it blows me away at times. I only hope that AFCB fans appreciate how good he is, as I'm starting to agree with Jack Wilshere who says he is among the best centre midfielders that he has ever played with.
Harry Arter may still think he would be better to change
international camps and on his performances I'm sure Gareth Southgate
and the FA would welcome him.
The amount of times the fans sing Harry's song is a fairly good indication that AFCB fans do indeed know how special Harry is. Against Spurs he was a real pest for Wanyama, Ali and Lamela, he just buzzed around them for 90 minutes and didn't give them a break. It was a magnificent effort, not just because he walked out of Dean Court last week on crutches, but because he walked off the pitch having out shone players that have been international stars for a few years in some cases. It's like Harry Arter owns Dean Court - it's his patch. 

We know that when Harry isn't playing that the team doesn't usually perform as well and he has become the player that I believe most of the team look to now for inspiration. Even Simon Francis was not spared a Harry Arter anger look in the first half against Spurs, when the captain slipped him a pass that was only ever destined for the touchline. Arter demands high standards of himself more than anyone else, but he has forged really strong links with his team-mates on and off the field with the things he has been through and I think this special bond is part of what makes him demand even more of himself come match days.

There has been lots of discussion over Arter's future in the Republic of Ireland squad and, as he has not yet played a competitive game for them, he may still decide that he can opt to play for England instead. It is intriguing that Gareth Southgate was at Dean Court on Saturday and will have noted who was the best player on the park. If Harry does not feel wanted by the Republic of Ireland he has a big decision to make. 
So Harry, if your reading this. The fans at AFCB really do appreciate not only what you have done in the past to get the team to the Premier League, but also how you seem to keep finding another level to take your game to. I still think Wanyama might want to check on Spur's training pitch this week that Harry Arter is not anywhere near by, because he certainly saw enough of him on Saturday.


  1. Harry Arter is one of those players that every club would like.Thanks to him Spurs didnt really settle and he broke up play constantly pretty much bossing the game.
    You need to look after him.

    Spurs fan of fifty years

  2. I agree..if Arter can keep his temper out of control he will be one of the Premier League players of the season....and lets face it despite what he said he was assualted and Sissoko deserves a three match ban and more besides.

    I suspect if he keeps this up then some bigger clubs will come in with an offer...but £30m is a tidy sum from a acquisition price of £4,000.

    However Bournemouth are becoming a bigger unbelievebale tenth and the next three fixtures we should be aiming for 7 out of 9 and heading to 7th or higher.....

    Still no answer as to why we are not playing in the reserve premier league and what do we have to do to it...