Monday, 17 October 2016

It was the manner of the win for AFCB that was impressive

There will be much tighter games than the match against Hull City this season and so AFCB fans can at least enjoy the feeling of a big win this week knowing that the Cherries can dish it out as well as receive big score lines in this league. To some it might be more satisfying to see the side obtain big winning margins rather than the narrow wins, but it's still just the three points earned. The goal difference is well received though and the best thing about the match against Hull City is that the team played with an authority and dominance that seemed natural to them.
A big win but AFCB must concentrate and
 put the Hull game to the back of their minds.
Eddie Howe knows well that at the end of the 90 minutes it is not nice to be on the end of a heavy score against you. It is not that often of late that AFCB have been on the other side of the equation and while you want your team to score as many as they can, there is a kind of tipping point when you can actually sense a bit of sorrow for the opposition fans who are still wearing their colours and witnessing the demolition of their side. Hull City will have better days. But I'd also say the Cherries will play better yet too.

That may seem strange when your side has just handed out a hammering but seeing the side hit the woodwork a few times, and overplay the ball at times when in good scoring positions, it could easily have been a bigger winning margin on the day. That was the impressive prospect that I take away from the game. There is still more to come from this side. Jordan Ibe is still looking to score his first Premier League goal for AFCB and it was two defenders that started the scoring going for the Cherries on the day. Pleasingly, Callum Wilson also got his goal in the end as well to keep his goal run going.

The home form has been extremely good and the side have to go into the Spurs game with a good deal of confidence now. That is all fans could have asked for at this stage of the season. 

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