Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Steve Cook wanted to be the centre of attention

Nothing was going to spoil Steve Cook's big day and 200th appearance for AFCB. While he may have slipped a pass that led to an equaliser for Hull City,he was smiling by the end of the afternoon with his first goal of the season and a big home win the reward.

It is unusual to see AFCB scoring headed goals but that is the moment that Steve Cook will want to remember about this day. He has a real desire to win headers in the box at either end and although Charlie Daniels leapt high in front of him, when Stanislas put the high ball in, Steve reacted best and kept his eye's fixed to guide the ball down steeply and into the corner of the goal. It may have seen like a simple goal, but the timing for Cook's jump and the way he met the ball fully gave the keeper no chance.
Steve Cook gets his goal and can be pleased with how the game turned out.
Not everything went well for Steve though and he did make a sloppy pass out from the back that Snodgrass capitiaised on by moving the ball quickly to Livermore, before Ryan Mason hit his drive hat flashed off Cook and into the net. The danger did not seem that high at the instant when Steve immediately lost the ball, but just that slight loss of concentration from him was AFCB's undoing for the goal. The fact that Cook got back and almost diverted the ball wide of the goal showed how much he does everything he can to try and make up for any mistake. It did not work out for him this time, but on another day the ball could have been deflected for a corner. Eddie Howe was quick to take the blame for asking the players to play from the back for any misguided pass that they may make, but as a whole the tactic is very effective in getting the side quickly on the attack.

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While AFCB have not kept a clean sheet in their last two games, they will be aiming to get back to that in their next game which will be a big challenge against Spurs. It will be an examination of AFCB's game and Steve Cook will know that he has to be even more alert when defending against his next opponents, but he will be trying extra hard to do this. I'm expecting some high fives with Artur Boruc if they can keep Tottenham out next weekend.

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