Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Is Ibe struggling?

Jordan Ibe may have started all the Premier League games for the Cherries this season but he is the first man to usually be subbed. He was an automatic pick when he first arrived and while he has held on to his starting place, he is surely coming under pressure now that Junior Stanislas is playing well and Josh King is looking to get back in the side.
What Eddie surely wants from Jordan is an end result. We have not seen him dominate games with a high number of crosses, and his number of shots on goal have dwindled somewhat since his early appearances. How much time Eddie will give him is difficult to say but there are others who must be getting closer to him now in being selected ahead of him. This next coupe of weeks will be important for Jordan to try and get his form in a better place. He was not among the players who were said to be in international duty this coming break, so he will be at Bournemouth and out on the training field.

I hope he just gets used to hitting the back of the net a more often and seeing if he can make the runs into the box that open up defences. Eddie Howe asks a lot of his players and he will be pushing Jordan to up his game like the others while he is under his tuition. I can see why Eddie Howe likes to have these sort of breaks as working with Jordan Ibe and one or two other young players is a superb opportunity to get some one on one sessions in with them.

For Jordan too we forget that he has not been a player yet that has played match after match for  a whole season and the pressure on him at AFCB is no less than it was at Liverpool. Keeping his high standards is what Howe will be looking out for and if he does drop from that I'm confident that players like Ryan Fraser and Marc Pugh will be pleased to get back in the side.


  1. Ibe deserves to be where all the other transfer signings in close season are...nowhere....Its interesting he did not get called up for England U21's...although Lewis Cook was called up for England U20s...and he has not kicked a competitive ball in the Premier League since the first game of season....

    How can we keep these players happy when they now know they have no chance of playing and no meaningful playing time other than the odd friendly....I have yet to be told why we are not playing in the Premier U23 league and if we have not the facilities or money needs to be spent instead of wasting millions on players who are never going to play then invest that money into whatever needs to be done to get us into that league and upgrade whatever needs to be upgraded.

    A change in backroom personnel so its not the old Bournemouth lads brigade would not go amiss....I understand its difficult to bring through youngsters to the first team..but thats the challenge....and I doubt if a lot of ex Cherries players will do it...

    So please can someone explain the rationale behind signing

    Afobe...he was a short term replacement until Wilson was fit again
    Wilson Marc

    Our season will be defined over next five/six games...

  2. In the Premier League you have to have top cover in every position and forwards in particular are prone to injury due to the physical demands of the modern game. I think it is only a matter of time before the top teams start regularly rotating their line ups.
    Anyway, I hope Ryan Fraser gets another opportunity before too long. Talented players like this tend to thrive when they have TOTAL confidence - as Smith and Stanislas have demonstrated.