Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Callum Wilson has regained his goal drive

Listening to BBC Radio Solent I was a bit surprised to hear John Williams say that Callum wasn't quite back to his best yet after the Watford match. May be Callum has to score a hat-trick before he is considered being as good as he was in the West Ham away match last season. For me, there is no doubt. Callum is back and back to his very best.

The goal machine is back in business.
If the cheeky finish against Watford that Callum scored was not an indication that the striking craft was well and good within Callum Wilson, then the run across his Watford defender and sharply taken header to put the Cherries ahead on Saturday was further evidence that the former-Coventry forward has his goalscoring back on line. It wasn't just the goal though that had me praising Callum, it was his energy and his sprints which were bullying Watford's defence all game.

Poor Prödl just didn't see Callum coming when he was given a five yard head start to recover a corner-fed pass. Callum got there first, tuned his man and headed straight for the box and, having left Pödl far behind, he had the presence of mind to seek out the better placed Andrew Surman for the shot. Had Surman blasted his shot into the goal, I don't believe Watford would have recovered, as it would have been a two-goal lead before half time. 

Wilson was kept on because he was an absolute nuisance to Prödul and Kabul. He has played in all AFCB's matches and is putting in near-enough 90 minutes when asked for. His fitness is as good as any player and the pace he is showing is frightening for defenders. He may not be thinking anything more than being fit for the next game, but his growing presence within games is starting to tell and that can only be good for AFCB.

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