Wednesday, 19 December 2018

AFCB's chance to get to a Semi-Final

The previous seasons have seen AFCB get to quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup and not progress any further. The players are used to filing at this stage and they have to make the next step to get further in competitions. Playing Chelsea away in this quarter-final may seem that the odds are against Bournemouth, but it is exactly the kind of game that Eddie Howe and his players should want now considering that they need to try and get out of their slump in the league.
Will Francis be back to lead a very changed line up for Chelsea?
The gloom around AFCB's current form can be lifted by a significant performance against Chelsea. Bournemouth are not expected to do anything and the pressure in that way can be taken off of the players. They are playing for themselves as much as for the club, as the team places are up for grabs with the indifferent form that Bournemouth have been showing.

Eddie Howe often speaks about making history for the club and while Stamford Bridge has seen a couple of amazing performances by the Cherries, getting to a semi-final in a domestic competition would be a new landmark. Everyone's energy this week should be put into trying to make that a reality on the pitch at Chelsea and to go out and beat one of the best teams in the country by putting in a performance that is strong in defence and razor sharp in attack.
Even with the injuries that AFCB have, they have players that are good enough to beat Chelsea if they play to their very best. The surroundings are familiar. It is like groundhog day. They have another chance to do something special and in the Christmas atmosphere of an evening game in the capital, Bournemouth must take this as a one off game that can heal some of their wounds of recent weeks. A win would not only be celebrated with great glee it would change the mood in camp and AFCB are in big need of a stimulus right now.

Possible mix and match AFCB line up
Subs: Begovic, Simpson, Francis, Fraser, Ibe, King, Taylor

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