Thursday, 6 December 2018

A much needed result

The table reads much better after the result against Huddersfield. While the result was fortunate in the end, the three points have kicked Bournemouth on and if they had lost the game, there would have been an unsettling apprehension about where the next points were coming from. The match against Liverpool is now more of a free hit, if there is such a game.
The night game brought the points AFCB were so in need of.
Slipping down the table at any point is not easy to deal with, but the players just have to concentrate on their performances and the table will look after itself. With so many game sin December there is always going to be another game just around the corner and the main things as Eddie said was not to get hung up about any one performance, but to go into the next game knowing that an improvement could bring three points.

It's little gains, bit by bit that will propel the team forward. While that usually comes by playing the same players as much as possible, the time has come for the whole squad to be on their game, as they are most likely to be used in this period with cup and league games aplenty.

There is no reason sometimes why a team picks up points when they don't play so well, but it is something that AFCB have found hard in previous seasons. But if Bournemouth can pick up some points when they are not performing so well, then they will get a higher finish than previously, so we should not be so hard in AFCB when they don't always play with the style and ability that we know they can play with.

Lewis Cook injury
It has been reported today on AFCB's official website that Lewis Cook has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament and will be out for six to nine months

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