Monday, 24 December 2018

David Brooks makes the game look easy

We are going to have to reappraise David Brooks. The finishing skills that he showed against Brighton were top class and his movement and awareness are starting to draw attraction from the pundits. He may have only just moved to Bournemouth, but he is growing his game is fast that it could will be that Eddie Howe has a future superstar on his hands.
David Books is looking more and more like a special player.
I know players can have brilliant starts to their career and can often then fade without a trace or fall back in their potential, but I see know signs of that with David Brooks. He is revelling in the attention and the atmosphere of the Premier League. His control and attention to detail when he has the ball is captivating enough, but when he sees an opportunity to do more and find a goal, he just gets his head down and creates the space as we saw for his first goal against Brighton. I am not sure David knows quiet how good he is himself, but Howe is going to have trouble keeping quiet about this lad, because he is good enough to be playing for a Man United or Man City and scoring goals in Europe.


His second head twisting goal against Brighton was even more spectacular for his ability to be so aware of his surroundings and what possibilities he had to make something of the cross from Ryan Fraser. He might jest that he won't win many headers against centre-halves, but with his foresight and vision to anticipate where he has to get to before the ball arrives, he is far in advance in his thought pattern to what the defenders have in mind.

While we marvel at the goals that Brooks has scored, he has now notched up five Premier League goals and has slipped in behind Wilson and King in the goal scoring table. It's not unthinkable that he could get to double figures this season, which will be a major addition to the team's total.

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